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    My issue is that I love to nest and want to nest but I don’t have a home yet to nest in! I love to clean on Saturday mornings and then have the rest of the day and weekend to enjoy to clean house. Hopefully someday soon I will get to do all the cool things I’ve been pinning on Pintrest!

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    Si je comprends bien la majorité des commentaires, le fait pour quelqu’un d’être « riche » (pour faire court) est un péché si mortel qu’il en devient totalement infréquentable par un président le soir de son élection, pour prendre l’apéro avant le bain de foule place de la Concorde ? J’ai peut-être un QI de palourde (merci au passage à M. Hénonnier) mais je ne comprends toujours pas la logique « stigmatrice ».

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    Pat,Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year. With the changing of the trees, the weather and even people’s mood.I believe that this time of year makes people happy. They know that it is a time for family and friends to gather and be thankful for one another and also celebrate the birth of our Savior. I enjoy it because I am setting traditions and making memories for my daughters.Amy

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    I usually go toward great music and some of my funniest best friends!!Life is just plain hard and we need so many things to keep us going. We seek Him 1st so we can then feed the broken and hurting.Your posts were simply beautiful last week.Praying for y’all as you go “back to normal.”Fran’s last blog post..

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    Mom - Hola Jalapeño -  Ladles and Jellyspoons – Love & Lemons - Matt Bites -  Shutterbean - Sprouted Kitchen –Southern Girls Kitchen - Stir and Scribble -  Tartlet Sweets - The

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    that was a bit cheeky of them…putting the radishes on the table and not saying that it will be charged! I have yet to go..at least now I know what to order.I have yet to go…anchovy toast I have to order when I go.

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    My mother was convinced that someone would try to steal her internet. She kept saying, “Somebody will get on there looking at stuff they shouldn’t.” What she wouldn’t realize is that she lives ten miles from the nearest neighbor…shew..

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    11aMaíta,Nao te preocupa pq todos os começos são dificeis.O Sweetest no começo tinha 15 leitores e eu ficava enlouquecida imaginando quem seriam aquelas 15 pessoas!!Fierce!Bjos,

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    Isn’t it funny… that I was thinking of doing a similar post for my babes… well I have been thinking of doing it since I did a little Mothers Day Shoot with them! :/ Thanks for inspiring me again to JUST DO IT!Totally, utterly, gorgeous post hun xxx Your kids are lucky beyond words to have YOU as their Mummy ♥ Beautiful images as always

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    Bonjour,Que veut dire « 60 s » pour un thermocouple universel 30 mV ?Est ce le temps d’appui minimum avant de relacher le bouton de sécurité lorsqu’on allume la veilleuse ?Merci d’avance de votre réponse et bravo pour ce site très pédagogique.

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    Yep. Your last DUI status goes out of effect 7 years after the fact. You might get community service. I don’t think rehab will really help your case because it isn’t like your 7th one or something like that.

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    DrFun­guyI wouldn’t count on early results from Ohio. Expect­ing a long night asthe vote is within the mar­gins of chi­canery in OH, VA and FL. True. For­tu­nately, Obama can win with­out any of these states. He can even lose these three and North Car­olina and still win. But in that sce­nario, we won’t find out for cer­tain until after the polls close in Nevada.

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    Yes, The Sixth Sense is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, and your analysis is spot on. If my 200th draft of my query letter fails to win me an agent, I will study the marketing campaigns of The Sixth Sense plus the others I mentioned above, and keep at it. Hmm, delicious gossip… I like!Thanks, Larassa, for your comments.

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    c14fI have observed that in the world today, video games are definitely the latest craze with children of all ages. Occasionally it may be impossible to drag young kids away from the video games. If you want the best of both worlds, there are numerous educational activities for kids. Thanks for your post.fc

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    Great day to be a Houston fan – two lottery picks from knicks ya!Please none of this stuff about backstabbing. Lebron doesn’t owe anybody anything. It’s his life and career and he deserves to do what he sees best. He’s done so much for CLE and while in return, yes Gilbert & Co made moves to show him, the quality of those moves didn’t pan out. E.g. Mike Brown, Jamison instead of Stoudemire, Mo Williams. Since when was ‘intentions’ or “effort’ the ultimate barometer in America? It’s about results. and it’s about freedom. LBJ is not any less of a person in my book.

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    When you ignore the facts that only 6% of crime is white on black and 94% is black on black then your points of so called racism in such as Zimmerman case is simply silly.And that blame game caused by the race hustlers is ignoring the elephant in the room.

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    Hertamania lives!I’ve followed Herta since he was in Indy Lights and was delighted when Bobby Rahal tapped him to race for RLR. I’ve watched Herta race prototypes in ALMS, and watched the IndyLights team ‘graduate’ to the IndyCar series. Tagliani is not one of the fastest IndyCar racers, but I guess that he was affordable and available (and may be bringing $ponsor$hip).

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    Ich würde die Kekse meiner Lieblings-Arbeitskollegin schenken. Sie ist immer für mich da, wenn´s bei mir mal eng wird und hilft mir echt viel. Dabei bleibt Sie immer sehr bescheiden. Sie ist einfach nur lieb und mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Ihr würde ich damit in der Mittaspause eine Freude machen und Ihr noch einen Kaffee oder Tee dazu servieren.

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    1e8I would like to see the video meintoned however because I am only just now managing to finally get UNsubscribed from dozens of “gurus” who did little more than make grand promises trying to get people to pay up and join, I REALLY do not want to opt in for anything regardless of how good it might be.I have found opting in to be one hugemongous royal pain in the arse.Is there a shot of being able to see the video *without* opting in.

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    hello!! i just found your lovely blog via bettys blogbox and i really enjoyed looking at your stunning post about rovinj – i visited rovinj when i was a child, with my parents…your pictures are really amazing! 🙂 i will surely come back!have a nice evening and many greetings from austria!salma

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    Dear Santhanamullai, Sitting in a air conditioned room you can write what ever you want. Have you ever write about anything about the Kasmir Pandits and their positions now ? Do you ever ready to write an article about their conditions ? what is your opinion about the law, the law of Islam in Saudi that compels every lady irrespective of her religion and beleives force to wear burga ? What is your opinion about the millions of people killed by communits governments in the world ?When you write always try to see the second side of the coin also. Chandran

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    According to Raymond Deane’s blog, the Tribunal condemned the United States in its judgment. SeeSuch a judgment begs the question of why the US is so beholden to ZionismThe Tribunal did condemn Israel’s apartheid and racism, and its aggression. Berger did that from the 1930s onward. Russell’s 1970 statement contrasts sharply with what American Jewish critics, incl Chomsky, were saying at the time.

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    You've missed it entirely Scot, HIPAA is efficiently used to protect the hospital. Just like every other regulation and law, HIPAA has been twisted. It provides a way to stop true reporting of results if the results contradict the PR positioning.Protect the patient? They obviously don't care about that.

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    July 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm“You shouldn’t trust people who don’t like chocolate” is one of my favorites. That’s a great rule. I love reading all these 7 rule challenges, there is so much great content out there, and these are great little summaries. I like them so much I started a little index and added your post. The link is in the link love below. .-= Eric | Eden Journal´s last blog ..The 7 Link Challenge Index =-. Reply

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    "Cuba is about 850 miles long and has a population of about 12 million. But as long as the Castro kooks are in charge, it will remain an impoverished backwater."With better healthcare than the United States. And a more representative democracy than our very own oligarchy, where well-connected financial institutions are too big to fail but the rest of us are shit out of luck.

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    GraxaimClavis ProphetarumTu dissestes:´´E na minha opinião, o Brasil não é uma extensão de Portugal… O Brasil é o Portugal verdadeiro, livre das grilhetas da Inquisição e do fanatismo religioso e das diversas vagas de “estrangeirados” que foram descendo pelos Pirinéus…´´É o que sempre pensei e fiquei comovido por teres dito… Se eu não estiver enganado, o português de hoje, virando as costas para o Brasil, estará renegando o resultado (nada, nada desprezível) de seu maior investimento no passado…Saudações

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    Thanks very much for a wonderful photo which I enjoyed very much. I have visited Moldova twice (total two weeks), many years ago. I would like to return their one day but sadly it doesn’t look like things have changed very much. The people are some of the friendliest I know!!Doug Mein near Toronto, Canada

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    I love them together and vanessa looks alright as long as she keeps her mouth shut. She? really should get braces cos those teeth are just disgusting and i’m not being a bitch cos i used to have jacked up teeth when i was younger

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    Sultan, you don't have to publish this comment but "Sanchez was fired because he attacked a celebrity who is more liberal and more popular than him." is bad English and an unforgivable sin in a great writer such as yourself, lol. It should be "than he" (is)!

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